R J Foods Ltd

Welcome to R J Foods

R J Foods was established in 1989 in the family kitchen, they were baked using a home made recipe which is still the same today. We started by making them at home and selling to local businesses, this gradually grew into opening a factory to supply the wholesalers all over the UK and Europe. All our products are GMO free and all ingredients are of the highest quality from our oats to our fruit suppliers.

Always handmade which is why we stand above the crowd!

We have 18 different flavours ranging from Chocolate, toffee, caramel, fruit, original, yoghurt and many many more. They are all Vegetarian Society approved and we have 9 flavours approved for Vegans. Any more details on which flavours are Vegan please contact us.

If you are a European customer please visit our European Arm hyperlink to energycake

We supply many different wholesalers that vary in size of orders, if you are a wholesaler looking to order our product please visit our Contact Us page where you will find all the necessary details. If you are a customer looking for a local supplier to buy from please email or call us and we will endeavour to find the closest to you.


Our New Flavour Cranberry and Mixed Seeds.